How to Select the Best Yonkers Self Storage Facility

yonkers self storage facilityIn the recent past, there has been an increased demand for self-storage facilities. The need for a self-storage facility can be brought about by many situations. Storage space might be required for office equipment or other valuable stuff that might be creating clutter within the home. Whatever the case, finding a storage location that meets an individual’s need is of outmost importance when it comes to storage. For individuals residing in Yonkers, the following overview on how to select a Yonkers self storage facility can come in handy during the selection process.


Size plays an important role in the selection of a unit. Considering this, it is usually advisable that the storage unit should be large enough to accommodate the items being stored at the same time providing sufficient space for movement within the storage location. To be able to achieve this, an individual should make an inventory of the items being stored so as to determine the amount of space that will be sufficient for storage.

Time frame

When looking for a Yonkers self storage facility, the time period for which the items are to be stored must be considered. This is done so as to minimize the overall cost of acquiring a storage facility. If you need storage for a short time period, you would probably want to pay close attention to the different storage packages most storage companies in Yonkers offer. This would help you determine the most cost effective storage solution.

Storage type

There are two alternatives when it comes to self storage: mobile storage and onsite storage. In mobile storage, the storage unit supplier drops a portable storage container at a location specified by the client. This brings in an aspect of versatility and security since a client is totally in control of the storage facility and has easy access to it. However, this type of storage facility tends to be somehow expensive.

Onsite storage facilities are remotely based and an individual has to travel some distance so as to access the storage area. Weigh your options before making your decision.


Security should be the topmost consideration for individuals looking for a Yonkers self storage facility. As such, an individual should determine the level of security being offered by a storage company prior to acquiring their services. However, this does not mean that you should call up a storage company and ask about the security of their storage location. It is usually advisable that you pay a site visit and assess the security situation yourself.

Site access

For individuals storing Personal items in a Yonkers self storage facility, chances are that they might want to frequently access various items within the storage unit. In view of this, ensure that the location you choose to store your belongings is conveniently located so as to enable you save money that would have otherwise used for transport.

By considering the above factors when selecting a Yonkers self storage facility, you are assured of acquiring the most appropriate facility for your needs.


How to Take Advantage of Georgia Storage Units?

georgia storage unitsVery few homeowners have the required space to store all their household items. Over the years, people collect lots of items that are not needed on regular basis. However, these items take up unnecessary space in home. When faced with this problem, residents of Georgia take help of self storage facility. At such a center, different types of Georgia storage units are available. Some people may want to store their second vehicle or boat, while other people need a smaller storage unit for smaller and fewer items. To cater to different requirements, storage units in different sizes are available at affordable costs.

Georgia storage units are also used by businesses that want to store archived records, paper documents and inventory. Businesses are usually located in a prime location where property prices are very high. Small business owners can take advantage of self storage facility to store their inventory away from the main store or office. This allows them to run their business from a prime business area and keep the main commercial area clutter free. It creates good impression on customers and clients when they see a neat and clean business place.

Centers offering Georgia storage units use industrial grade security and safety features. They have 24 hour comprehensive security system in place to protect the belongings of their tenants. From guards, heavy-duty locks to surveillance cameras, several security features are used to keep everything inside the premises protected and safe. Users of self storage facility can access their storage units 365 days a year during working hours. There are even drive-up units where the cargo vehicle carrying all items can be taken straight to the storage unit. This reduces the costs related to hiring workers to download goods from the vehicle to the storage unit.

A good thing about Georgia storage units is that climate control equipment is used to keep the temperature within acceptable limits. This helps protect all types of items that are damaged because of excessive moisture, heat or cold. Effective protection from environmental elements means that items like wood, fabric, paper and iron susceptible to rotting or rusting remain protected and in good condition. Installation of such industrial grade climate control equipment is not possible for most homeowners and small businesses. It is better to take advantage of a self storage facility in Georgia and keep all items safe. Homeowners can also store seasonal items that are needed only during a few months of the year.

Storage facilities offer associated services as well. For example, families moving out to another location can temporarily store their household items at the center. They do not have to pay the rent at the old location while they search a new home at the new location. The renovation of home can be carried out in a better way if every part of home is renovated at the same time. Families can store their household items at the Georgia storage units until the renovation work is completed. Because of these advantages, facilities are used extensively. People have peace of mind when they know their household goods or business items are safe and protected even when they are away from the place.

Atlanta Self Storage Units Prove Helpful During Office Relocation

atlanta storage unitsThe first thing that comes to mind when you think of Atlanta self storage units are units used to store your personal belongings during relocation. These units are usually used to store your furniture and other items when you downsize to a smaller home, or till you actually relocate. However besides using these units for storing your personal belongings, they prove helpful during office relocation.

There may be various reasons for office relocation; however whatever the reason, though you may not consider renting a unit to store your excess equipment, it is better to hire a self-storage unit if you plan to expand your company.

Helps with office relocation

While looking for Atlanta self storage units, you will find some that cater to the needs of commercial operations. While these units don’t offer you sufficient space to run your business, this storage space can be rented for various purposes and benefits.

Its first benefit is that it helps with office relocation. Based on the type of business you are involved in, sometimes, you may have to move to either expand or downsize your business to suit your needs.

Suppose you can’t afford to shut down your business while you move or if your new office space is not prepared, a self-storage unit offers a temporary solution when you make the move. You just have to move parts of the office, till you are ready to make a complete relocation.

Better than leasing a warehouse

In case your business involves the shipping of products and you don’t have that large an inventory to lease a warehouse to store your things, self-storage units may offer a better storage option that suits your budget.

Moreover, there is an additional benefit of using an off-site property to store your products as all your assets don’t end up in the same place. In addition to this, self-storage units offer 24-hour security which assures you that your inventory is safe and protected in it.

Store excess office furniture

You can also use Atlanta self storage units to help store your office equipment and furniture when your business fluctuates. Supposing you have to downsize because of various circumstances, and you don’t want to get rid of any surplus office equipment and furniture, you can store it in your self storage unit.

So when your company rebounds, or you end up hiring more workers in your office, you need not buy new furniture but get whatever you require from your storage unit. Moreover, there is a possibility of having some tax deductions if you use some storage unit for commercial purposes. It’s however better to consult your accountant to confirm this fact.

If your company has more than one branch, it’s also better to have units in various places, if your business requires it. There is also a possibility of your local Atlanta self storage services offering you some special rates for using the storage unit for commercial needs. So it’s better to do some research in your area before settling for a self-storage unit.